The short answer: ubiquitous mobile. Traffic on mobile devices has dramatically increased and with wearable devices becoming mainstream, the opportunities are with mobile platforms. There are a myriad of online surveys  to demonstrate this numbers but just as a sample, a friend who works on a big company asked his colleagues, how much time do they spend using their  phone? Most of them replied around 50% of their free time and they were adults from 35 to 50 years old.

Scary? Not really, imagine the amount of time teenagers spend using mobile devices. Our society is already moving into a digital era and the ones who take advantage will reap the rewards. Some business owners still believe that having a website or doing social media is secondary, less important or “just for fun”. However, those “business owners” are still thinking like one decade ago and don’t realize that empires are built today by only using online platforms.

Lets begin with the website. In an ideal world, clients will accept the recommendations from a digital agency based on experience for photos, text and other design elements to increase conversion while keeping  an appealing design.  Although that will attract more customers to their website on desktop and mobile, clients will prefer their own taste and will try to impose their offline experience to their digital strategy.

And that’s fine. As digital agencies we should find the balance between what the client wants and what we believe it will work. For clients coming from offline business background it will be hard to understand the speed that things change online yet the long term approach to really take off. Whether is paid adds, social media, SEO or other online strategy, it takes time to tune it with the audience and get optimal results. On that process, we will have to try different channels, keywords, platforms and a myriad of strategies to really engage with the target audience. We are not talking about just getting some leads, but about creating a community that believes in a product or service. That takes time, is hard work  and not many clients are willing to take the risk and wait for results. Nonetheless, the ones with enough patience will get geometrical growth once they they are truly connected with their audience.

There are teenagers earning more money than medium size companies just by leveraging their communities. These youngsters are working with their phone everywhere: doing videos, social media, texting, messaging, constantly feeding their communities. While others can see it as a waste of time they are actually being laser focus with their audiences by being with them 24/7.

The secret: the cellphone. It allows everyone to become a power media house if it has the guts and value to offer. It can be from funny things to world changing products. No matter what you are offering, today anyone can compete against traditional media corporations thanks to technology.

Business owners have to understand this mobile world to really get a high ROI from their online campaigns. A short term approach can deliver some leads but a well planned, consistent and long term mobile strategy is the way to go for business to increase their brand loyalty, market share and profitability.