Most people or business owners believe that their website is just a check on a checklist. Website done… lets move on to the next thing ! This thinking works because nowadays most companies have a website, therefore, there is nothing especial about it. The magic of having  a website has disappeared, especially today with so many options for free sites, do it yourself platforms and very cheap web services.




However, the fact that there are zillions of websites at minimal cost doesn’t change absolutely anything in the online landscape. As any other industry, a low price maybe is not related with very poor quality but its inevitably attached to basic and very limited  functionality. But lets take  the challenge and assume we are a business owner and we have decided to get our site at the lowest price. ( It appeared on my Facebook feed that I can get a website for free, so why I should pay more?? Exactly !! so lets start the journey.) We are not judging anyone, even ourselves will do the same on a different industry, its just human nature, we will do anything to avoid the pain of losing money so we look for the cheapest and decent option.




After googling for 1 hour, Eureka !! He finds freelancers, designers, developers and all what he needs at cheaper rates than our expensive country. He goes to sleep thinking that the world belongs to him with  all the digital tools  at his hands  with no expensive digital agency telling him what to do.  He has some time on the weekend so he will take a look and get a smashing top notch , cutting edge website. His business partners will get amazed with the results. So Sunday comes in, John our business owner, wakes up, takes a strong coffee and is ready to get the site done. Couple of hours browsing deliver some options:

  • Free website
  • Cheap monthly payment website
  • Cheap one payment website
  • DIY website
  • Use a combination of freelancers for design, development, testing, etc.
  • Regular website
  • Good quality website



Statistically, most users will select the cheaper options. Although it might seem they are saving money, the true reality is that within one year if they really want to grow the business the costs of the cheap site will be higher than a regular website.  That happens  because as mentioned earlier a website by itself  is not a competitive advantage anymore. Only when is bundled with other tools it can have an impact on our business. If we want to improve our search engine rankings or enable call to actions on our site, the cheaper options are very restrictive and usually don’t have those options or are expensive to implement. And is not only the cost of those features but is also the time invested trying to figure out which features are included on our “affordable”site.



And that is just the beginning, if later we want to include logos , links, videos or a newsletter opt-in things will get pretty complicated and time consuming.  The excitement fades away and suddenly John just want to finish the website as soon as possible regardless of the options. He only needs a website to be on his business cards ! That short term thinking will be very expensive in the future. We are not only talking about the extra money to be invested but also about lost opportunities.

A website can be a powerful lead generation tool for a business. In fact in most cases  is the best generation  tool for leads due to its costs and scope. Business owners should understand that, a successful business can be built from scratch with the right online strategy.

Although the internet gives the opportunity to reach a wider audience, we must be very careful and  smart when selecting our online tactics. We can spend big amounts of money on the wrong tools. Therefore, we must have a clear goal but remain flexible on our tactics. We might like Facebook but if we see that there is no traction for our business  it becomes useless to spend time too much time on it and we should try another platform to lead clients to our website or business.

If we remain flexible and play for the long run we will find the right online strategy for the company. A business owner who really wants to grow its business should not consider a website as a checklist but as a virtual partner. Is a virtual partner with your company name that works 24/7 and is ready to receive enquiries anytime from anywhere. Fulfill the importance and resources it needs  and it will help your business make the quantum leap from arithmetical to geometrical growth.