Data Quality Audit

Provides a report with insides of our customers data to be able to determine its conditions and quality status. Data quality is one of the main issues on many organizations across Australia conducting marketing campaigns. Our objective is to help our customers enhance their marketing opportunities by reducing waste on miscommunication and unverified mailing.


  • % of customer records that can be corrected or enhanced

  • % of duplicates

  • % of invalid or incomplete names

  • % of undeliverable mailing addresses

  • % phone numbers contactable and non contactable

  • % contacts who moved address and consent

  • % of customers that can be contacted on new numbers

  • % customers with new addresses

  • % who has a new job/title/company

  • % Contactable contacts within a company

Data Hygiene

Aligned with the data audit process, data cleansing and enhancement adds the quality required to complete an optimal marketing campaign, perform a quality control over CRM systems and update. The process can be followed by campaign processing and segmentation according to the needs of our customers.


  •     name, address, phone, email validation and correction

  •     identifying and rejecting records based on agile business rules

  •     matching and deduplication

  •     custom data field standardisation

  •     single customer view

  •     error pattern analysis and tailored remedies

  •     gender correction

  •     proper casing

Case StudyOlimpus Magazine

Olimpus PTY Ltd provides services and products for mining and construction. Although, the company has expanded its activities in Australia due to high demand in the industry, it was a challenge to expand their market without incurring in major costs. A recent CRM migration and different format files were some of the issues to keep accurate client’s records.


Due to poor client’s data, incurring costs for previous campaigns were:

  • 25% of magazines sent to the same companies/contact

  • 42% of magazines addressed to a person who already moved from the company.

  • 31% of magazines returned or never received.

  • 35% Incomplete or not presentable names within the mailing details.

  • 44% Inaccurate/ outdated phone numbers

  • 16% Rate of bounced emails.


After analyzing their data, we found that most records were either outdated or had wrong information. We address the problem with our hygiene data service to maximize data accuracy.

Our services of data hygiene helped them to:

  • Identify the people who moved job through a LinkedIn check.

  • Addresses and names corrections along with a movers service decreased the number of mailing returned or lost.

  • Reduced the number of magazines needed in order to contact a certain company.

  • Verification of phone numbers according to last address.

  • Updated email – personal or corporate.