Some years ago you could only find Ivy League profiles on Linkedin but that has drastically changed. Nowadays, it has become the place to go if you are looking for a job or want to take your career to next level. For serious job seekers the paid version offers extra features to filter jobs by skills, send private messages  and a myriad of reports and statistics.

1. Make your company page a landing page.

A compelling image and clear call to actions can make you standout in the platform. Most companies use the profile page as a log for company history and to be honest who wants to read that ? .

On the other side, it can be used to attract leads for your business. the content has to include engaging images and replacing those long paragraphs with company values and how they can bring value for a business.

2. Include a portfolio page.

Showcase pages were added to display different areas across your business. Services, products or organizational departments can have their own page within your main Linkedin. Clients can have more information without cluttering your profile.

Companies like Microsoft or Abode take advantage of this feature by displaying a wide range of  products and services while maintaining a clean and organized main page.


3. Advanced Search

There is  a song seek and destroy, that applies to Linkedin as well (without destroying though). The advanced search provides in depth tools to find by area, company, field, salary , connections and a myriad of other options to target your market.

4. Save Searches

Its not easy to come up with the perfect, hard earned query that brings you leads, saved it and you can use it anytime from the advanced search panel.

Additionally you can save searches for different markets to target specific campaigns.


5. Search Groups

Groups are always like the hidden gem of any social platform. There is a caveat though, general advice is to look for groups and make connections. However, on our experience that doesn’t work that well. The first step before addressing a group is to build your own reputation, it can be small but at least you have something to show. Without track record you can approach groups but probably you will get a low response when promoting your business.


6. Start groups.

If you cannot join them create yours. A group can really help to grow your network and connect with like minded people. Just be careful that you are a publishing content with value and not selling your product , otherwise people will soon leave the group.


7. Publish Content

As any other website and specially for Google, content is king. Frequent, new and valuable content means that you are an active member on your industry. As a rule of thumb one post per month can keep your profile updated while not overloading your  schedule.



The best way to address social platforms is to have have specific strategies as its very easy to waste time and end up watching sleeping cats which are becoming very popular on Linkedin.

Start by using the platform with the right tools to prospect clients and we are sure you will get better results and take your business to the next level.