As business , sports or any other activity top players have common traits that make them stand out from the crowd. We could mention Bill gates and his restless nights in the office with few or no sleeping or Michael Jordan 24/7 obsession with playing basketball. Probably good digital marketers also sleep less and are 7 days a week dedicated to their work.

In relation to the industry, here are some factors that identify a great agency:

  1. Smart design. Beautiful design is important but a truly good design is one that balances compelling graphics with amazing user experience.
  2. Data driven. Any campaign has to be supported by data. Nowadays is not about if it can be done but if it is necessary to be done.
  3. Integral Solutions. Complete solutions covering email, web, social media and others on a unified platform.
  4. Innovation. Great agencies follow last trends but more important they are constantly creating new exciting products and services.
  5. Loyalty. Clients praise this companies and are life-long brand-ambassadors.