1. The spread of UI Patterns

Responsive design has made many sites look similar to fit elements on different screen devices. On top of that we have an exponential growth on WordPress sites that use similar themes to standardize the design process.

But standardization on any industry  brings tools that can be used as a base to provide higher quality designs. However, when overused it makes design boring and predictable (No one wants to go back to those weird 90’s designs though)  The job for designers is to use those patterns while creating engaging and compelling websites.

Here’s a few patterns you  should already know:

  1. The hamburger menu: Not popular for everyone , but its use keeps growing as it helps to show a clean interface and separate the navigation links from the website content.
  2. Account registration: Any registration website has this pattern. A form to fill in  personal information or social media accounts. In most cases has an additional Captcha code to avoid spam and probably email authentication.
  3. Long scroll: Modern websites now show most information on home page. Instead of navigating through different links and pages, users can scroll trough the content without reloading the website.
  4. Card Layouts: Promoted by Pinterest, visual cards create more engagement and are easier to identify than text  Card layout has become an standard to show grid or column based content.
  5. Hero images: Some years ago it was not possible to include a high resolution image due to loading issues. However, today sharp, HD images are the star to create compelling websites without affecting site performance.