Marriot hotels has transformed its hotel located in  Charlotte , North Carolina into a lab center to test new ideas.  As it faces extreme competition from online sites like Airbnb and Hyatt, Marriot hotels are using some of its facilities as real life laboratories where they can try new ideas before it goes into the market.

The real life like button has the size of a hockey ball and its placed closed to facilities like fitness rooms, saunas and others to get immediate feedback from customers. Instead of going though complex data and extensive spreadsheets they can easily retrieve customers opinion with this technology.

As most people use social media and are familiar with the like button, it improves and makes easier to gather client’s feedback. The goal is to provide more flexible options and compete against sites like Airbnb where the options are almost limitless. The bad news is that these rooms are not offered at lower rates,  guest have to pay normal rates to be guinea pigs on these state of the art facilities.