1.Automation platforms

More media, more information, more social media and more ways to deliver information are creating an immense amount of data that is amost impossible to read manually .  Automation platforms to deliver and analyze data are becoming not only necessary but compulsory to successfully run a business.  Some years ago only big businesses could afford them,  nowadays there are a myriad of free and affordable apps that can help  companies to improve information management.


2. Big Data

With the advance of technology we are able to store and access every customer’s activity in a matter of seconds. Big data software applied to customer behavior can be very powerful to discover new trends and provide a highly and differentiated client service. Businesses like Quantas are providing client-specific packages depending on customer purchase history and profile details.


3. Paid social media advertising

Is not only about likes and engagement but about very targeted advertisement with high ROI. Platforms like Facebook allow to redirect traffic with  very granular markets and specific needs.This capability is allowing facebook to pass previous add platforms like adwords and google due to its quality of customer data.


4. Mobile assets and advertisement

Mobile usage and consumption is rapidly surpassing desktop in several ways. Currently most people prefer to read email, open facebook or look for businesses on their mobiles as they are on the go. As cellphones become more powerful and offer more features, the importance of desktop computers and its advertisement gets dramatically reduced.